Christmas Payroll Processing

This is the season to be jolly and pay people earlier than usual! No sooner than November payroll cycle has finished we are preparing for December payrolls which are generally paid earlier than usual. Although

Additional Holiday Pay (AHP)

We are finding more companies are including Additional Holiday Pay as part of their monthly payroll routine, hopefully, the below will provide a useful guide regarding this type of payment and how it is calculated.

P11d Submissions 2018-2019

Now we are well in to the new tax year we can turn our attention to the next annual task namely producing employee P11d forms and preparing employer P11d(b) submission to HMRC. What are P11ds?

Payroll Journal & Finance integration

How can Expert Payroll Services streamline your payroll Journal and interface with your Finance system? Payroll journal forms a core part of the payroll function which often gets overlooked. The finance team are generally keen

Itemised Payslips from April 2019

The Employment Rights Act 1996, Itemised Pay Statement, Amendment No.2 Order 2018 is due to come into force on 6th April 2019. What does it mean for employers? Essentially this act means any employees receiving

Thinking of Payrolling Benefits?

Since April 2016, HMRC allows you to register for payrolling benefits, all the details about this is detailed on Government Gateway – payrolling benefits page. We at Expert Payroll Services can help you register for

Looking at Outsourcing your Payroll Service?

At Expert Payroll Services, we provide a payroll procurement service along with our payroll bureau service. This allows you to use our procurement process to shortlist your payroll provider. If for any reason you decide

How we help accounts in the UK with our services

Here at Expert Payroll Services, we understand the demands of running your clients payroll and have the resources and expertise to help. Why not outsource your clients payroll to our specialist team? We will ensure