have over fifteen years of experience in payroll implementation across a diverse range of industries and payroll requirements. With this extensive knowledge, Expert Payroll Services can help you streamline your current payroll processes and improve your payroll department’s overall efficiency and accuracy.

We can also help you with new payroll software procurement and subsequent implementation requirements.

Assessing your current payroll process:

One of our consultants will visit your office and assess your current payroll processes. They will then be able to document each step and make recommendations for improvements in specific areas.

The consultant will then be able to work alongside your payroll provider to deliver these improvements.

Let the experts take care of your payroll..

Payroll Software procurement:

We can help you with the payroll procurement process from the outset by creating your tender document which can then be sent to leading payroll software providers.

We will then be actively involved in the selection process resulting in an independent recommendation of a payroll solution tailored for your needs.

Payroll Implementation:

Changing the payroll software is a daunting task for any payroll department, our expertise can make this process as seamless and stress-free as possible for all of your employees.

One of our consultants will work alongside your new software provider and your existing payroll team right from the initial kick-off meeting, we will walk you through the entire process from system configuration to, parallel run reconciliation all the way to signing off the live payroll.

We will also help you to create a detailed specification document, formalising employee details, pension AE details and YTD templates. Our consultants will help with checking company specific calculations such as OSP and OMP whilst always ensuring compliance legislation and statutory requirements