Expert Payroll Services can interface with any HR and Timesheet systems

Having worked in payroll for over 20 years we understand how important it is to get the payroll calculation correct and employees paid on time. Few of the most common questions we always get asked during payroll meeting with clients are:

  1. Can the data entered into the HR system be pulled into Payroll?
  2. Can the timesheet data coming across from Timesheet system be imported in along with their cost code mapping?
  3. Can we publish payslips via HR Self-service if we decide not to use EPS self-service module?

The answer to these questions is yes, we can interface with any HR or Timesheet systems so you always enter the data just once.

How does HR to Payroll interface work?

Most HR systems has a built-in functionality to export details to Payroll. This Employee export function is run by the HR user and this create a file in EPS encrypted location. This file usually contains new starters, leavers, changes like address, bank details, salary, department/cost centre etc. When the file hits the secure folder, an automated email is push to EPS Bureau department confirming the file location and file name. EPS payroll administrator then logs into the payroll system and runs the import functionality. The actual steps are as follows:

  • Run import function
  • Run validation report, which highlight any incomplete data or data errors
  • The issue can be fixed before the data is pulled into payroll or this can be pulled in as is and looked at the issues later
  • Once the data is imported an automated report is generated showing all new starters along with any changes to employee data (showing both old and new value)

How does Timesheet to Payroll interface work?

The import process is basically the same as HR interface but the most important point to highlight here is the functionality to map each payment line on timesheet to it’s specific cost centre code IE the timesheet can bring in payment lines with specific cost centres and this will be loaded in to payroll and posted correctly in payroll journal highlighting the correct employer costs splits too.

How are employee reports published via HR Self-service?

Expert Payroll Services have our own self-service module called “EPS Online” but if you decide to use your HR system offering EPS provides HR software providers with 3 options:

  1. URL link to EPS Self-Service
  2. Publishing employee reports using data services (Single sign-on)
  3. Exporting PDF encrypted files

We can work with the software provider to streamline this process.

If you have any questions on this topic or want to know more about our services, please feel free to call us on 020 3802 1534 or email We are here for all your payroll needs…